Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Food

I learned the tricks of cooking while studying in college. Sharing a flat with two other flatmates, we literally cooked every dinner ourselves.

Being Asians from Malaysia and Indonesia respectively, our favorite dish naturally came to something spicy, the Curry.

The curry powder was bought from the local supermarket,not very spicy, more to sweet as I recall. Coconut milk was replaced with rich creamy dairy milk. Onions,garlics and potatoes were the main ingredients.

There was no curry leaf or lemon grass being sold in the supermarket, couldn't bother to look for it even if there was(Chinese grocery maybe).

Every dinner was curry, curry and still curry, the only difference was the variety of meat- chicken, fish, mutton and beef.

Once I brought the only dish I had confident in to a 'potluck' party (bring your food and share with others), guess what, it was finished within seconds by my Hong Kong coursemates, they couldn't take spicy stuff yet they loved it.

Winter was the best time to savour curry, with the cold and freezing temperature outside, having curry with piping hot rice in the small cozy dining hall, while sipping fine wines(wines were cheap there),was simply a luxurious indulgence.

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