Monday, January 26, 2009

Love will find its way home

A handsome well built Keanu Reeves lookalike man in his 30's , on his trembling knees, begging a widow(with a daughter from her previous marriage)for her hand. His wife died a year ago, left him with four wailing kids ranging from two to six years old.

She was not surprised with the proposal, having helped him taking care of his kids for a year, she was already a necessity to the family.

For her, helping out was an insignificant generous charitable act, but marriage was a huge decision.

She could walk away or accept the challenge, she looked into the man's pleading eyes, tears were holding backed by him in a macho manner, she understood well tears were unspoken words from the heart.

She gently reached out to him, holding his hands and accepted the marriage proposal.

Together they had a rebellious daughter and an obedient son. That made it to four daughters and three sons.

I am the once rebellious daughter. This is the story of my parents.

It is an indeed a normal love tale without plots and excitements. The hidden secret is they were separated by parental disapproval(same surname)in their teenage years.

Love seemed to have found its way home and brought them back together.

I am a rather rational type, I view it as "Love had paid its dues eventually".


Anonymous said...

can u tell me about yr dream?

Anonymous said...

why u never put food on yr blog now?

HoneyBee said...

I shall start a food post soon.

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