Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I never like winter, it was depressing, always raining, wet, cold and darkness set in at 4pm. Shops closed at 5pm. At 6pm, not a single soul was seen on the street.

What left were TV and radio, empty conversation with flatmates, then went to bed and slept soundly. It was good for sleep, because it was cold. At least something good about the cold temperature in winter.

I was caught twice in heavy hailstorm during winter on my usual 15 min walk from college to home. Little cold uneven shapes of ice smashing from above merciless, damp slippery and dark road, certainly adventurous.

The brighter side of winter!!!!!
Yea!!! Ice skating!

My favorite outdoor winter activity. In the city itself, on an open park, an impressive ice skating rink was built, only for this depressive season.

This, was the most celebrating moment for winter.

Skating with soothing music being played, dancing around like a feather, watching others doing their stunt, was enjoyable and indeed, winter has its beauty in one way or other.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been to Langkawi for 5 times over the last 5 years. Land of chocolates and wines, these things are so cheap there, I even had chocolates for breakfast and wine after every meal.

The nature tour is something not to be missed, I'd been to island hopping to Pregnant Maiden Island, took the mangrove tour around the Geopark, done the snorkeling at Payar Island, and the Cable Car, Acquarium, Bird Park, walked along Chenang Beach as if it was my second home.

Drove up to Gunung Raya for bird watching and reached the watch tower on top of the hill. It is the highest point of the island, was cold even in the evening, saw Thailand from the tower.

Pregnant Maiden Island

A monkey on the island showing off its skill of opening a can of Coke, it succeeded.

The monkeys along Klim River(Geopark) were highly skilled swimmers and had no problem snatching crackers thrown in the water by visitors.

Mangrove boat ride (Geopark)

Eagle feeding, I do not support this, so unnatural.

Facts about eagles, they are monogamous and mate for life. An eagle will only select another mate if its faithful companion should die.A male-female pair stays together throughout the breeding season and shares responsibility in raising young.

I didn't make it up, this handsome tour guide related the touching facts to me.

View from Gunung Raya.

Buffet lunch after the mangrove tour at Barn Thai Restaurant, a place in the midst of tropical rain forest, lots of monkeys around. Good life is made of this, food at last.

Can't wait to go back to Langkawi again, anyone care to join me this time? I do not mind to be your free tour guide, it is free, what do you expect?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Eve

This fruit cake was so delicious, fresh, and healthy.

Slices of canned and fresh fruits were used; pineapple, rambutan, grape,kiwi, peach and cherry.

Love at first bite, so appropriate for a Valentine's Eve.

Hong Kong style

Fresh prawn noodle, RM8.90

Another food blog, went to Tropicana Carrefour, quite a new shopping mall, had brunch at some Hong Kong style restaurant.

Menu was filled with glossy food pictures, very impressive, but when the food came, still looked great. Only when I took the first bite, nothing to shout about, average.

Sago jelly coconut milk dessert,RM2.80

Ribena Lemon cocktail, RM4.00

Bread with kaya, so common, MIL ordered.

Glossy menu.

I sat underneath this light.

The place was quite packed, maybe due to the extensive varieties of food they offered. If you have never been there, you may give it a try and tell me your experience later.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Gift

What is the best gift for this special day?
A sincere greeting from the heart is the answer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Student Life

During my college days, I had worked as waitress,kitchen hand,cleaner,baby sitter and washing dishes.

Living around Prahran( the most happening dining area in Melbourne), my place was just a few minute walk from the main street (Chapel Street). Along the street, rows and rows of international restaurants, Greek, Lebanese, Thai, Turkish, Italian ,French and many other insignificant fish and chip shops.

Some memorable experiences as a waitress. I was given the honor to wear the traditional drop shoulder outfit in a Thai restaurant, it was a compulsory uniform for your information, almost too glamorous and elegant to walk around serving diners.
Traditional Thai outfit, sexy or not?

At a Greek Tavern(washing dishes), met a beautiful belly dancer, dancing around with diners throwing plates on the floor, a gesture of mini celebration of life, it is a tradition to show joy. But why waste the plates?

Learned the art of making perfect Cappuccino in an Italian bistro(waitress). The milk foam on the top would only appeared nicely if cold milk is used, followed by a dash of fine chocolate powder on top of it. Yummy...

Worked for a Lebanese boss in a fish and chip shop(as kitchen hand), he gave me mutton Kebab ( food entitlement ) at the end of the day for supper.

Discovered Greek Dips( with Pita bread) while working in a Greek Pizza Tavern, as waitress.

House cleaning, equivalent to what the Indo maid are doing now, vacumming, wiping glass windows, washing bathroom and toilet, arranging knick knacks that scattered everywhere by the kids .

Babysitting Aussie kids, they were cute, I liked them, no complaint,as I was paid to play with them in a sense. :)

Almost all the local (and overseas) students worked part time besides attending college, learned to be independent at an interesting pace.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Land below the wind

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is truly heaven on earth. First day I visited the Kinabalu National Park,Poring Hot Spring and walked the Canopy. Pictures tell all.

Second day went for nature tour at Klias Peninsula Wetland, sighted many rare Proboscis Monkeys along the river, awesome scene.

Discovered Frog Purse at Philipino Market.

Had live seafood in restaurant, I was given the privilege to choose the victims.

Will definitely going back for more, I didn't manage to go for the island hopping due to time constraint.

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