Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I never like winter, it was depressing, always raining, wet, cold and darkness set in at 4pm. Shops closed at 5pm. At 6pm, not a single soul was seen on the street.

What left were TV and radio, empty conversation with flatmates, then went to bed and slept soundly. It was good for sleep, because it was cold. At least something good about the cold temperature in winter.

I was caught twice in heavy hailstorm during winter on my usual 15 min walk from college to home. Little cold uneven shapes of ice smashing from above merciless, damp slippery and dark road, certainly adventurous.

The brighter side of winter!!!!!
Yea!!! Ice skating!

My favorite outdoor winter activity. In the city itself, on an open park, an impressive ice skating rink was built, only for this depressive season.

This, was the most celebrating moment for winter.

Skating with soothing music being played, dancing around like a feather, watching others doing their stunt, was enjoyable and indeed, winter has its beauty in one way or other.

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