Monday, February 9, 2009

Live To Eat

A perfect Thaipusam holiday morning(Monday) started off with patronizing the Home Made Fish Head Noodle Restaurant at Kota Damansara.

Fish Head Noodles, RM8.50, packed with fresh(really extra fresh)crunchy fried fish cubes, aromatic fried onions, a few slices of pickles and tomato cubes, and the most important part, the original home brewed tasty broth, so heavenly it actually cheered me up for the entire day(partly), the best FHN I ever had.

Toasted bread topped with chicken floss and mayonaise,RM 3.50, perfect breakfast for kids. Pretty generous serving for its price.

According to Princess, it has the combination taste of sweet,crunchy, creamy and the way it was presented was eye catching, almost too pretty to be eaten. Almost.

I had the barley ginko drink, RM2.50, generously packed with ginko halves, dairy element(maybe fresh milk or evaporated milk) was added to enhance the taste, I strongly recommend this drink, it is healthy and not too sweet , ginko is believed to increase better blood circulation, thus promotes good health overall.

The first sip set my mood from sleepy to 'life is so beautiful'. Needless to say, drink it to experience the euphoria!

The set menu, I have yet to try, maybe next weekend, the endearing thing about this restaurant is ......


Service was reasonably fast and the cashier(lady boss) was exceptionally gorgeous. The food was sincerely prepared, worth every cent paid.

The atmosphere, superbly serene, walls are painted light green, with bamboo decoration as partitions, lots of natural light and the feel of being in the middle of a rain forest is experienced.

I do not get any commission blogging about it, if everything was to be justified in monetary value, the word 'passion' would mean nothing in life.

After a satisfied breakfast, we adjourned to teatime at One U, savored some Nyonya delicacies, in front of Cold Storage. The below picture is green pea paste kuih(ang ko), worth giving it a try, RM3.50 for 4 pieces.

Next came the 'all together meal', usually, we wander independently in the mall, and when it is meal time, we reunion at the chosen restaurant. Typical Malaysian outing, window shopping and no sweat(prefer to stay indoor).

Nippon Yataimura,a Japanese restaurant located at the ground floor of new wing .

Everyone ordered individually. Since my MIL is good buddy with the captain, we get a 10% discount every time without fail, a bait that keep us coming back.

Tempura set for princess.

Soba noodles for yours truly.

Chicken set for MIL.

Most disastrous meal for my beloved sister, solely pork without rice dish as recommended by the captain, absolutely pork packed, she would need many yoga sessions to burn away the porky fat ingested, nevertheless, she enjoyed the dish.

Salad to compliment the pork dish.

The men's team(FIL, Prince and Boss W), had normal Japanese noodles (no pictures taken).

I skipped dinner, it was a late and rather hearty lunch for me, just drank a glass of Capilano honey for supper.

My typical perfect weekend is ended with a humble update of my blog dedicated to those who may concern.


Anonymous said...

Ai yah, what great food pictures. Absolutely LIVE TO EAT

HoneyBee said...

Thank you. Honestly, live to eat healthily is the best option.

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