Friday, February 13, 2009

Student Life

During my college days, I had worked as waitress,kitchen hand,cleaner,baby sitter and washing dishes.

Living around Prahran( the most happening dining area in Melbourne), my place was just a few minute walk from the main street (Chapel Street). Along the street, rows and rows of international restaurants, Greek, Lebanese, Thai, Turkish, Italian ,French and many other insignificant fish and chip shops.

Some memorable experiences as a waitress. I was given the honor to wear the traditional drop shoulder outfit in a Thai restaurant, it was a compulsory uniform for your information, almost too glamorous and elegant to walk around serving diners.
Traditional Thai outfit, sexy or not?

At a Greek Tavern(washing dishes), met a beautiful belly dancer, dancing around with diners throwing plates on the floor, a gesture of mini celebration of life, it is a tradition to show joy. But why waste the plates?

Learned the art of making perfect Cappuccino in an Italian bistro(waitress). The milk foam on the top would only appeared nicely if cold milk is used, followed by a dash of fine chocolate powder on top of it. Yummy...

Worked for a Lebanese boss in a fish and chip shop(as kitchen hand), he gave me mutton Kebab ( food entitlement ) at the end of the day for supper.

Discovered Greek Dips( with Pita bread) while working in a Greek Pizza Tavern, as waitress.

House cleaning, equivalent to what the Indo maid are doing now, vacumming, wiping glass windows, washing bathroom and toilet, arranging knick knacks that scattered everywhere by the kids .

Babysitting Aussie kids, they were cute, I liked them, no complaint,as I was paid to play with them in a sense. :)

Almost all the local (and overseas) students worked part time besides attending college, learned to be independent at an interesting pace.

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